A funk-fusion, Latin-jazz-laced Live Band


Our mission…..

We truly believe that music from all around the world is inter-related as people and cultures of this world are.  We specialize in improvisational music that takes form as we play it live.  Our music is based on the theory of free form jazz, which is freedom of musical expression.  Within this expression, we showcase cultural music from our live experiences and our ancestry.  Fusing Indian, Malaysian, Middle Eastern and Latin music with Western styles of Jazz, Blues and Funk is what we do best.

In the recent years we have taken the same music and invited our friends in the Hip Hop/Rap music scene to collaborate with us live.  We also invited virtuosos such as Ukulele sensations Jake Shimabukuro and Taimane Gardner to collaborate with our music and the results were phenomenal!


Quadraphonix has the experience of opening for Grammy winners and nominees such as Black Eyed Peas and the Salsa Funksters, Ozomatli.  These experiences give them maturity of handling bigger venues and concerts.  Opening a show for Japanese Punk Ska group Kemuri at Club Chitta in Kawasaki, Japan proved that their original music has no cultural boundaries or language barriers and can appeal to listeners of all ages as well in many countries.

Band Profile…..

  • Jonathan Heraux on drums and percussions – from New York, Panama, Haiti and Hawaii
Jonathan is the creator of this group and functions as the musical director of the band.Born in New York but has traveled and lived in many countries including Panama, Haiti and Germany during his childhood as well as during his time serving in the US Army.Influenced heavily by Buddy Rich and Gene Kruppa, he brings a strong Jazz as well as Latin influence to the group.His knowledge of playing the appropriate music for any given environment has earned him the respect of many in the music community in Hawaii as the “mood music specialist”
  • Shree Sadagopan on Guitar / Electric Sitar / Stand up bass Penang, Malaysia.
Born and raised in Penang Malaysia, Shree brings his rich ethnic influences of Malaysia and his deep rooted south Indian cultural music to the mix of this collaborative genre.In addition to that, his 22 years of living in Hawaii has introduced him to Classic American Blues, Jazz and Funk.His biggest influence in music is no other than the legendary Carlos Santana, also Ravi Shankar and the styles of Police guitarist Andy Summers.Putting this all together he creates a psychedelic guitar sounds that is picked, strummed and bowed.

  • Eli Clemens on Congas and percussions – Waimanalo, Hawaii

An experienced and hard hitting conga player, Eli trained for over 10 years with Sango, a Broadway veteran of the congas and percussions.He brings the sound of Afro-Cuban percussive rhythms to the danceable tunes of Quadraphonix.He also has learned some chants from Africa that goes along with some of the 6/8 African rhythms that he chants and plays.



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